Ottawa Regional NCCP Coaches — September 2023


As delivering badminton training with qualified and certified NCCP coaches has always been important to the Soong Badminton Academy, attached (updated) is the current list of CERTIFIED and RENEWED coaches in the Ottawa region, along with their last known club affiliation.

The list includes Ottawa area coaches who have met the current NCCP requirements by:

  • completing their NCCP certification in the competitive stream, and
  • completing the ongoing required professional development programs to maintain their status as NCCP Certified (required by all 65 sports in Canada)

We extend a salute to each of these coaches for honouring the sport, and maintaining their professional standards.

Coaches should only be presenting themselves as NCCP coaches if the required professional development has been completed.

The NCCP program was significantly updated a number of years ago to include components required for Safe Sport, competency based outcomes and updated learning methodologies.

Club managers, parents, and players are strongly encouraged to remind their coaches to complete the required professional development.

Wishing all NCCP coaches the best of good success as we honour our sport and offer professional training programs within safe environments.

The ODBA District link for all regional clubs: